4 Key Ways To Wear Colour In A/W

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4 keys ways to wear colour

Hey Everyone! So It’s a Sunday afternoon and after a busy week and weekend I have decided to write up a blog post 4 ways to wear colour for A/W as the weather is slowly starting to change with colder months creeping in on us and what other way to venture out in colour clothing rather than just wearing just wearing all Black, right?! I for one find  that I always go for black pieces in my wardrobe in A/W , so this time I have decided to change it up as I do have a lot of colourful pieces in my wardrobe and wanted to mix it into my style.

4 key ways to wear colour

1 .  A true Statement

I will start by showing you visual pictures of my pieces of colour pieces which I have picked out from my wardrobe and put together to turn it into my own style which may seem hard to do for some of you but once you know your own fashion style it will be easy to pick out some gorgeous pieces, In these photo’s you see me wearing, the skirt is from Froccupy A/W collection which I adore it is a sindy swing skirt smudge print I got this in a size 8 which is true to size and so comfortable to wear & I also got top which is known as Tanya front pocket shell top black which is also a size 8 and fits perfect, so I paired them together as I thought the skirt is a great pop of colour for A/W, I then teamed the outfit with a long burgundy camel coat & the Black suede ankle boots are from Primark A/W collection which I love. I wanted to show you can pick up so many different pieces of colour clothing and put them together for that A/W style and what suits you as a person, personality & figure.

4 key ways to wear colour

2. Pop Of Colour To The Outfit

When I say pop colour I don’t mean go all out and wear all bright colours in your outfit, I mean if you like wearing black pieces from your wardrobe collection then that’s totally fine as I do the same but now just to add some warmth and colour I pair my outfit with either a long camel coat or a pink,red or yellow handbag which takes away our attention from the all black outfit to an eye catching handbag or the long camel coat which is unique and flattering.

3. Comfort Is Key

I started wearing colourful clothing to add some personality to my style, I then realised I was coming out of comfort zone with not wearing my usual too dark all black wardrobe! but one thing for sure I felt very comfortable in what I was wearing and that is so important that you do feel comfortable because when you feel confident! So pick the right outfit that you are going to show your style,personality and you feel good and confident. 14466399_1729090784026333_181921681_o

4 key ways to wear colour

4. Highlight Of Colour

This would be perfect for wanting to add “bold” colour’s to your outfit, If you feel stuck on what to brighten up your statement outfit well think bold colour’s such as yellow, baby blue, red, fushia and if you have any of colour’s in your wardrobe whether it’s a biker jacket, a cami, or even a blazer pop that on over your statement outfit and you are going to make all the difference.

Hope this helps you step out of your comfort zone and change up your style to suit your personality, how do you like to wear colour? would love to hear what your staple pieces are in your wardrobe?

lots of love,

Aimee xxx

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