Hi Everyone, hope you are all well! I am finally back after I literally disappeared for like a month or more I would say by now…I have re-vamped my website completely as you may notice it took a bit of time as I was being quite picky in what I wanted as I really wanted to be different.

This website will basically a mixture between Fashion & Diary Entries, I hope you like whats to come on aimeemariehayden.com! I genuinely wasn’t happy with my last website even though I had it for over 2 years I needed something fresh, different, unique that represents me as a person, & that showcases style through my personality.

“Fashion Is Art & You Are The Canvas “

I have also changed my game up a bit on Instagram @aimeemhayden for any of you who don’t already follow me, I made a conscious decision that something had to change this year and this was it along with my content on Instagram.

Love Aimee Marie x

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