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fitness blogging

Hey Everyone! well happy Monday again, it seems like the days are flying in my Birthday weekend has went so fast has been great tho! So its finally September before we know it we will be hitting Christmas is which my favorite time of year. I recently began thinking about my health & fitness regime I have going on and I wanted to share a little bit about my thoughts on it.

fitness blogging

fitness blog


fitness blog

fitness blog

I am in no way a professional health & fitness blogger, I don’t go to the gym as I probably should be, I do a lot of home exercises and outdoor workouts which I find suits me, so I will not be bragging about weights and treadmill’s this is not what I am here to do. I feel sometimes it can be a lot of pressure when it comes to fitness and staying healthy eating. I do it for me as it makes me feel ten times better in myself and my body feels good inside & out. I don’t like to be influencing people to do what I do or by all means definitely not telling anyone what to do when it comes to fitness, I am not an expert but I do enjoy it.

I just like to share what I do with you guys as you might get inspiration from my healthier lifestyle or even get a few pointers for yourselves in case you might want to switch up a few things in your own fitness journey! I do lack a lot when it comes to fitness and maybe one day I will join the gym but right now I have my own fitness style going for me. When it comes to being professional healthy eater I fall off the band wagon I love having a healthy lifestyle but I do love my takeaways and chocolate who doesn’t and yes I do enjoy the odd take away which I do have, I don’t like to pretend I am 100% sticking to my healthy eating or fitness all the time I am being realistic here and honest as that is what I believe when it comes to blogging.

This is a whole new journey for me with fitness and we will take together and learn something new all the time, even its the latest workout gear you need in your staple wardrobe or even if it’s what I do to get ready for a workout.

Aimee xxx

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    Love this, very good post aimee
    love the workout gear from primark will have to purchase some myself x

    September 13, 2016 at 11:34 am
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