Hi all, hope you are well…. So this blog post is about challenging my inner self as from title you may have guessed, it is all getting too real now I am currently in Miss Bikini Ireland Competition 2017 , this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me to become the next Miss Bikini Ireland and I am so grateful to be apart of it, I am competing with other lovely women, we are all in this together even though it is a competition and there can only be one winner, the last couple of weeks and months have went by it didn’t feel real I think it was because we were only meeting up a few times but I have received my voting number which is now live and voting is 50% of this competition & the other 50% goes on me as a person and personality which again is challenging for me.

Why did I enter into the competition, you are probably wondering, right?! Way before I even started my blog I had always wanted to challenge my inner self and to see how far I can push myself and to achieve new accomplishments in my life, that did not always work out for me as for 5 years counting back I suffered from major anxiety & depression in my life where I was house bound, afraid to leave the house incase I bumped into anyone even the thoughts of seen people made me feel ill.

Miss Bikini Ireland

I did not work for over a year because of it I literally thought it was the end thats it no moving forward with my life and then it went on from there because I mentally ill with my thoughts It then led onto being physically ill I was terrified to go to the doctor as I was so afraid incase she told me the worst outcome I was thinking of in my own head, I felt absolutely numb and as if I wasn’t there everything was passing me by so quickly it was such a daunting time for me.

Moving on I eventually started going to CBT twice a week for the first while then reduced it to once a week after a few months had went by I was only going every second to third week, It was the only thing that ever worked for me and I thought nothing was going to help me at that stage but it has made me who I am today braver than I was & stronger than I believed, I went back to work within the beauty industry as a make up artist part time as it was baby steps for the first while now I am currently working for Inglot Cosmetics who are kindly sponsoring me for the competition I am so grateful for.

Miss Bikini Ireland

I have this fashion & beauty blog as a hobby which I love and also putting myself forward for this Miss Bikini Ireland has brought out a more competitive side of me in more ways than one I now love challenging myself and the sheer determination I have shows that I am capable to explore a new area of my life and add another accomplishment to my belt. I still have bad days & that is ok I have accepted that but I learn to work through it and take it easy.

Don’t ever think that you cant achieve your goals or dreams because that is not true, all it takes is determination from you and anything is possible if you want it enough, I have come out the other end and so can you.

My voting number is 109 & you can text BIKINI 109 to 57003 for the Republic Of Ireland & 60999 for Northern Ireland & UK to Vote, text cost €1.00/£1.00 voting closes at 9.30pm on the 01/12/17, the more votes I receive the more chances I have of winning & I hope you will support me.

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx



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