Creating The Ultimate Detox Smoothie

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creating the ultimate detox smoothie

Hi Guys! I thought I would share my recipe on a detox smoothie I find very good and boosts the immune system and cleanses your body just as much as I do love warm water and lemon in the morning as it is a good way to cleanse the body!I studied nutrition in college I have come with a lot of healthy recipe’s which I do love sharing with you, so I wanted to opt for something with a little more flavor in it so here I will explain how to get the ultimate detox smoothie.

I do love smoothie’s especially in the morning, they are great to kick start the day or even if you are not fond of breakfast, making a smoothie is perfect for another option and you can even bring it for on the go as well if you live a busy lifestyle, there are different types of smoothie’s too which I love to change it up for a bit of flavor! So now I will tell you how to get the delicious smoothie.

Detox Smoothie

Step 1

I use coconut water to start off with as it is full of nutrients and also has calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium and super hydrating which is what we want.

Step 2

So your green leafy veg is another important ingredient as it high in fiber and contains vitamin C also good source of mineral’s iron and calcium. So pick one or two leafy green veg I opted for 2 cups of green leaf lettuce so I only picked one this time around.

Step 3

For added sweetener’s to the smoothie I have chosen 1 medium orange and 1 medium size banana and the reason I chose these two fruits is because they are a good source of potassium and vitamin C. They also good source of fiber which aid to help the digestive system, oranges are full of beta-carotene and in case you don’t know what beta-carotene is well it is a antioxidant which protect the cell’s from damage.

Step 4

This step can be optional but I like to add some ginger as it aids to help a healthy overall complexion and boosts energy level’s it also aids in the digestive system it is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6.

Step 5

So place all the ingredients I have mentioned above in a blender or nutri-bullet if you have one but any blender will do the job and there you have the ultimate detox smoothie, it does taste yummy! As you can see why I chose these ingredients is because of the good source’s of vitamins and minerals you get within each one so it is super healthy and good for you.

Step 6

Last but not least to add some finishing touches place a slice of lemon or lime and some mint leaves which gives that refreshing overall look to the smoothie and makes it look much more appealing to drink.

Aimee xxx

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