Day 9 Of The Christmas Survival Kit

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Hi Lovelies, for the 9th day of Christmas Graham Anthony Distribution gave me a PAYOT lip moisturising balm SPF15 I was in need of a new lip balm as the one I was using was just finished. I generally find my lips quite dry and irritated from time to time depending on the weather too in colder months my lips are far more dry than usual.

I was eager to give this a try as I have never used this brand before even for lip balm, I actually have been using this every day since I got it and after 3 days of usage I definitely noticed a difference as my lips felt a lot more softer and very hydrated which is what I needed I couldn’t fault this lip balm at all & for €6 it is a bargain I find sometimes when I purchase lip balms a lot of them don’t do what they are supposed to but the PAYOT lip balm is my go to now I bring it everywhere with especially around this time of the year.


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