Day Five Of The Christmas Survival Kit

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Day 5 of the christmas survival kit

Good Evening hope you are well?! So we are back into a new week not just any week its Christmas week 🙂 for me it feel’s like a Sunday as myself & Shane had a day off together so we decided to go christmas shopping in Dublin for the day. I actually thought it was going to be busier than it was but I think it was because everyone is back to work and school.

I have finally finished all my christmas shopping which I am delighted about as I am working the next two days then off for christmas which is nice! I opened up day 5 of the christmas survival kit and it brought me Delarom orange bath & shower gel which I have never used before and as I saying earlier on my snapchat I was running out of shower gel so I was thrilled to receive this as one of my gifts, I will be trying this out in the morning so I will let you know what it is like scent & texture wise on the skin.

Delarom is enriched with orange essential oils that helps maintain the balanced ph levels in the skin whilst softly cleansing & nourishing, after use your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and fresh which I will let you all know tomorrow how I find it, because Delarom is enriched with plant & pure essential oils it helps to strengthen the skin natural defences to allow better hydration & detoxification to maintain elasticity and restore radiance.

Delarom is available in pharmacies nationwide & it prices at €15.

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