Day Four Of The Christmas Survival Kit

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fourth day of the xmas survival kit

Hey Everyone as I was saying last night on my snapchat @aimeesbb I would post up about my fourth gift day from the survival kit today instead of last night as it was too late! I opened up the gift last night over on my Snapchat and it was the Phytomillesime colour locker which I am intrigued to try out as I have never heard of the product before now, so it is a pre-shampoo to keep coloured hair vibrant & looking brighter.

The colour locker is enriched with botanical extracts that forms a protective barrier in the hair from the roots to the end to trap the colour pigment in the hair shaft & to prevent it from fading when rinsed! It has to be applied on dry hair and left in for 1- 2minutes as the gel in oil texture absorbs into hair it can be rinsed and then continue to wash & condition as normal.

phytomillesime colour lockerOnce I have used the product I will be giving you my first impressions of what I think initially and once I have continued to use it I will be updating you all through my social media platforms on how I get on, it is priced at €28 so it is a little pricey but keep your eyes peeled to see how I get on. I would say this product would be ideal for people who have vibrant red in their hair as I know red hair colour fades quite fast so I say you would definitely notice if the difference if you were to use it on vibrant colours.

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