Day Six Of The Christmas Survival Kit

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SVR Xerial peel

Hi all I know I am late with some blog posts but seen as I was working the last couple of days late nights and early mornings I was just tired & did not have the time but I did say I would get them up today, so here it is day 6 brought me SVR Xerial Foot Peel just what I needed after standing 10 hours yesterday my feet were so sore and tired!

I briefly spoke about this product on my snapchat last night & whilst I was watching the season finale of peaky blinders which was brilliant if you have not watched it yet you need it too there were so many twists in last nights episode!Anyway as I wore the foot mask for an hour my feet felt clean, fresh & rejuvenated when it was due to come off I rinsed my feet with warm water just to get rid of residue that was left on.

It takes about two weeks to see best results, but I will keep you all updated…the mask also helps to target area’s around the feet i.e hard, thick & rough skin whilst protecting the sensitive areas. You can purchase the foot sock mask in pharmacies nationwide for €35.

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