Discovering The Law Of Attraction

Discovering The Law Of Attraction

Hey Everyone! So it’s finally the weekend, happy days! I have decided to do a Blog post today based on thoughts, success, money, love and health and it’s called The Law Of Attraction, you may have heard of it! I have read so many book’s on law of attraction.

I thought maybe I would explain a bit more in detail about this as I think it really does work but you have to have belief! It is easier said than done I know I have been there and I was skeptical at first, I decided to give it a go & read the book called The Secret  and watched the DVD! I found it hard to get into the swing of things when it came to belief as I was quite a negative person quite some ago so as you can see I was skeptical, anyway as for law of attraction it means to understand that ” like attracts like ” so that means what we bring into our own lives whether we are aware or not it can be positive or negative situations & we are responsible for them because of our thought process.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

What we focus on the most can have an impact on our lives, if your constantly in your own head and thoughts about the past or have issues you never dealt with in your life and constant regret or anger you will see a lot more negative energy around you, but if you just change a negative thought you have maybe something small in everyday life try look for the silver lining in every situation and slowly you start to see a change and more positive things will start surrounding you, the law of attraction is so powerful that it allows you freedom to control your whole life and what you choose what you want to do. It can teach us lessons where it will eventually bring us closer to your dreams, goals and ambitions .

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

The key to law of attraction is visualization! I believe that it works and here I am right now doing what I love the most Blogging after so many years of thinking about it and negative thoughts I have changed my belief around my life and what I choose to do. I am the creator of my own life! So to visualize what you want in life or what you want to achieve as a goal for yourself, spend 20minutes a day by yourself somewhere comfortable that you can focus on creative mental images or pictures of what way you want to live your life and the more times you do this the more positive energy you are sending out to receive it but you really have to believe in it and another good way is believing that you already have what you want in your life now this can be difficult trust me I have found this quite challenging at times but I  do it every single day as it is worth it in the end I have seen differences already.

The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction

Everyone is different and you can come up with your own methods of creative visualization that works for you that can make it more effective and benefits you. The law of attraction & affirmations are the two main things that work best to achieve your goals whether its success, money, health or love. Affirmations are spoken words we say over and over again to our selves and you can say it in your head or verbally for instance I will give you an example ” Today will be a good day ” so as soon as you wake up in the morning say this affirmation and instantly you have chosen to have a good day no matter what the situation is, it basically helps to reshape your core beliefs that sometimes may be stopping you or holding you back, you need to be consistent and be optimistic around what you focus to have in your future you want to create.

Last but not least create your own vision board or write down what you want in a book or diary and look at it everyday repeat it and believe in it. Your own dream board and goals can be created in picture form so you can actually see it everyday for yourself and see that it reflects your goals & ambitions.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Aimee xxx

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  1. Sharon
    August 13, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    Hey Amy

    Thank for reminding me i have control over my life .. its excellently written and in life today we get so caught up with what everybody else thinks of us, their views and opinions and then we sometimes fall off the ladder in what we want to achieve.. i think the constant affirming is so important as its sets our mindset and gives us drive an energy and creating images in our mind of the outcome we want brings more positive emotions when we are setting our goals.


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