Hello Lovelies, hope everyone is off to a great Monday so far unfortunately the weather is not so good for Summer! Hopefully it will pick up during the week and we get some sun back, I am off on holiday now in just over 3 weeks time really looking forward to it just relax, sun, sea & cocktails of course.

I am currently working with Dpharmacy in a collaboration they are an Irish owned pharmaceutical company based in Ardee, Co Louth they have their own online shop filled with everything you need from holiday shop such as suncreams, skincare i.e Dermalogica, self tanning, makeup i.e Fushia, huge variety to choose from and affordable prices too. They were so kind to send me some products to try out which I have done in over the last month if you follow me on my Snapchat ( @aimeesbb ) you would have seen me use some of the products on there or my Instagram stories ( aimeemhayden ).

collaborationI have some of my fave products which I loved and I thought I would share them with you, firstly would have to be the Tantastic self tan you all know I am a huge lover of self tan I have tried so many so I was super excited to try out the Tantastic fast drying fake tan I really liked the packaging how it is colorful also it comes in different shades I chose the shade medium to see how it would turn out & I have to say I loved how it applied so quickly, no mess, no fake tan smell, instant color & it does dry so fast I didnt feel sticky afterwards which is a huge benefit for me, a little bit goes along way too, this tan is also on offer now from €22.31 to €14.95 which is a Bargain in my eyes.

colaborationThe next product I would like to share with you is this fab Coach Eau De Parfum I have tried coach perfume before so when I received this I used it straight away as I have like 20 bottles of different perfumes fro sweet citrus scents to woody scents they all vary, to me coach eau de parfum lasts a lot longer & also have a more strong sandalwood fragrance to it its a real signature fragrance, it is quite authentic and cool in a way which I love I would use this parfum in summer but also coming into the colder months so this will definitely be staying in my handbag for the next while.

collaborationcollaborationLast but not least is another spray which is known as Sanctuary Spa body moisture spray, this I have had before & I loved it for the summer months it is so refreshing and smell’s a mixture of sweet almond & citrus fragrance, I used this to hydrate my body in the hotter months to bring back moisture into the body it is also enriched in vitamin E which nourishes the skin. I will be packing this away in my suitcase just in time for my holidays.

¨ This Post is Sponsored by dPharmacy but all views are mine & 100% honest.

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx




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