Eggs And Avocado Toast Recipe

Eggs And Avocado Toast Recipe

Good afternoon! hope everyone is all well, I want to share with you all my latest recipe which I think you will love just as much as me which is eggs and avocado toast sounds delicious right, I will explain how to get it now!

I have been using this eggs and avocado toast recipe for some time now sometimes for breakfast or lunch which is a really healthy option well I think so anyway. I love avocado’s because they are a good source of fibre, high in omega 3, potassium and vitamin C which is super good for the immune system, then mixing it with eggs as they are high in protein and mineral’s such as zinc and iron. These two ingredients together work well for breakfast to kick start the day, plenty of energy just what we want!

You will need:

  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 Avocado
  • 1 slice of whole meal bread


  • Heat up the pan
  • Add small amount of oil to the pan
  • Add the egg
  • Then add some seasoning salt & pepper
  • Get a small bowl of your choice
  • Take the avocado and mash it up well with a fork
  • Apply some seasoning salt & pepper
  • Then spread it on your toast
  • Topped with the poached egg

Its that’s simple and you have yourself a healthy breakfast or lunch whichever you prefer!

Aimee xxx

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