Eyebrow Embroidery Treatment

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Eyebrow Embroidery

Hey Everyone!

I hope your week is going well so far!

Today I went to get my eyebrow embroidery treatment done as I have been really wanting to get them done for some time now and I have heard so much about them, I have also seen some amazing results on different people. I don’t really have much of a shape to my eyebrows and they are quite fair so I used to have to draw mine on when I done my makeup as I am a makeup artist also so I have had plenty of practice with drawing on eyebrows ( lol ) sounds crazy I know but in my opinion eyebrows really do shape your face so I decided to take the plunge and get them embroided.

I have done some reasearch on them and where to get them done as I wanted them to be perfect and professional, so I did find a place in Arklow Co:Wicklow not to far from where I live and the name of the place is called High Glamour which is a hair & beauty salon and they have a facebook page which I have just left the link to here, They have all their work on what they have done on the Facebook page too.

I gave them a ring and asked about the eyebrow embroidery they do so I got talking to a lovely girl named Pille and she is the beautician in the salon, so I made an appointment with her to come down and have a consultation done which I did she explained what the procedure was and went through what we will be doing on the day which was perfect so I made my appointment to come down the following week and gave her €50 deposit for treatment! The total cost of the eyebrow embroidery is €250 which is great price.

Eyebrow Embroidery

The treatment day itself, I went in at 10am that was the time of my appointment and was given a form to read and sign basically all about treatment & aftercare too which I got a copy of to take home. I then went into treatment room and Pille applied numbing cream to my eyebrows and I waited around 15-20 minutes for that to work, she then drew on my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil just to see what shape I wanted and measured them.

I was happy with what she had done so she proceeded the treatment, I lay down on the bed and she used a microblade with some pigment in it, she used light brown on me because I have blonde hair and quite fair so we both decided to go with that, I felt so relaxed getting the treatment done and I didn’t feel a thing as my eyebrow area was numb, throughout the process she got me to sit up a few times so she could see that both were accurate enough when the process was finished she gave me a mirror to look in and showed me the final result which I was thrilled with, it took about 2 and a half hours for the total eyebrow treatment to be done. I will be going back in 30days time for a touch up so you pay the first €100 on you very first eyebrow procedure and then the other €100 on your touch up, that is the total cost then of €250.

Pille also trained her eyebrow embroidery with Elizabeth Oakes Permanent Makeup artist  which she is a experienced & qualified permanent makeup artist known all over Ireland, US & UK! So I knew I had picked the right place to come and get them done. Overall I was really happy with treatment and I couldn’t recommend Pille enough as she is lovely girl and makes you feel so at ease when you are there.

Aftercare for eyebrow embroidery:

  1. Apply Vaseline 2 times a day until the procedure has healed
  2. No makeup for at least 5 days
  3. Before showering apply some Vaseline to the area so it does not get wet as pigment might fade
  4. It takes at least 30days for process to heal properly
  5. Touch Up visit 30-40 days post procedure

Aimee xxx

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