Eyebrow Tutorial Step By Step

Eyebrow Tutorial Step By Step

Hi Lovelies! Hope your day is going well so far, anyway today I have chosen to do a blog post on how I do my eyebrows in a step by step tutorial, on what products I use and how I get the achieved overall look etc… I for one always had disastrous eyebrow mistakes and over plucking I would say was probably the biggest one & also I say a lot of have had the same problem too and it happens to the best of us. I have quite fair hair as I am a natural blonde at heart so now when I look back at previous pictures of me all I see is blonde brows with little to no hair how embarrassing ( literally )! Since been to college and studied beauty therapy and makeup I have mastered the art of giving my eyebrows the perfect shape for my face so I will share my tips here..

But before I do just to bare in mind I am currently going through a process of eyebrow embroidery I have my next session in just about 2 weeks so this is why I am doing my own eyebrows in between as my eyebrows have faded quite a bit so they need to be done so I cannot pluck them or tint them so for the moment I am currently doing this brow routine, prior to the eyebrow embroidery I use to always do my own eyebrows until I wanted to get them embroided to save a lot of time ( lol ).

Eyebrow Tutorial

Step 1

To master the eyebrow look the best thing to do before applying any makeup to the face is to apply your eyebrows first haha sounds funny I know but they actually shape your face and create definition to the finishing makeup look.

step 2

First I comb through my brow’s with an eyebrow spoolie the one I use is from Blank Canvas and it’s called the E30 Double Ended/Brow Spoolie¬† it is the perfect brush as it is double ended so you can use both sides for your brows.

Step 3

I use Inglot Cosmetics brow gel no 16 which you can purchase here¬† this is the perfect brow gel as it has a creamy consistency so it is easy to apply, using hair like strokes I start from the middle of the eyebrow out towards the tail as that is where I want the color to be the most deepest but I do not apply too much product as I don’t want it to be heavy handed.

step 4

Then using my other eyebrow brush from Blank Canvas and this one is called the E38 brow finisher which you can also purchase here this brush has fine hairs and it is quite dense and short bristles so it makes it a lot easier to work through the brows so then applying a small amount of the Inglot brow gel to the brush and going from the middle where I originally started I will push the product towards the front of the brow to give more of a softer finish.

step 5

I now go in with a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than my own foundation to create the high definition effect to the brows, so I use a clean brow brush or any angled brush you want and use small amount of concealer and apply to top and bottom of the eyebrow to clean up any fallout or if you made a mistake you can clean it up with the concealer.

step 6

Now this step is (optional )but I always like to set my brow hairs in place so first I will use the Rimmel brow this way mascara in medium brown and comb through the hairs then I would go in with a disposable brow spoolie and apply small amount of hairspray product to the brush and comb through the hairs so they stay in place for the day.

Aimee xxx

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  1. Sharon
    August 30, 2016 / 8:55 am

    such a natural post have and funny never really put much thought into my eyebrow shape before.. thank you

    • Aimee
      August 31, 2016 / 10:49 am

      Thank you xx

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