What is my Age, Height & Weight?
My Birthday is 01/09/1990, My height is around 5,5 & My weight is 8st.

Why did you start Blogging?
I started Blogging because I have a huge passion for Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle and I wanted to share my advice and tips, so the best way to do that I decided to start up my own Blog. So after I had finished my Beauty Therapy Diploma & Inglot Makeup Artistry Certificate I decided it was time to start Blogging. I spend so much time and I dedicate myself to my Blog as I want to do it as my Career.  In my spare time I do freelance Makeup as I am  a professional Makeup Artist and also spend time Vlogging as its all a part of the Career path I chose to do, I am passionate about my work and love what I do.

Tips on Starting your own blog?
Ok, So firstly for anyone who is looking to start a blog, a lot of people who either think about it or never do get around to it either they have fears around starting or they think they will not be good enough, which really never is the case in this world you have to take chances and remember everyone of us have to start somewhere to where we want to be in life so bite the bullet and do it.
I would also recommend to have an idea on where you want start on your blog and secondly be passionate about what you are doing!

Who is your Photographer and what camera do I use?
My partner & Best friend Shane who is actually a photographer which is great! He takes all my Pictures he must have patience of a saint because I literally get him to take like 50 photos until I am happy to pick one ( can be a bit of a fuss pot at times ) as for the Camera we use is the Sony A6000.

Who designed my blog?
I designed my own Blog and also with the help of my partner Shane as he is also a website developer & IT technician so i really lucky in a lot of ways with my blog. I wanted my blog design to be a reflection of me & my personality, I don’t like to have same designs of others I prefer to stand out from the crowd.