Feeling The Pressure

Feeling The Pressure

Hello Lovelies, I said a while ago I would write a blog post about what it’s like being a woman. I know also some of you may not know what I mean, for me I find myself getting stressed out lately as I am 27 still young but yet I feel like time is flying by and I am still going around in circles in career and personal life situations. I love working in makeup and being an MUA but I know there is more out there than what I am doing I feel stuck as in I am not progressing in my current position, so I am stressing about my career which is not helping my anxiety lately and my physical health is affected.

feeling the pressureSecondly personal life myself and Shane are together a long time we have known each other for 10 years, he has his career and in a good financial position and loves what he does which is brilliant as for some may not be happy with their work I think if you love what you do then it’s not work, we were living in a apartment for a while but ended up moving back home to my mum’s house as It was too expensive for the rent more than a mortgage pm which was crazy and we want our own house so we knew the only way was to move back home and save, but that has been difficult we have hiccups along the way which my mental health was affected also I work in retail as you know I am in a flexible contract so my work hours vary and are not set hours which then leaves me not knowing my set income every 2 weeks which I worry about as I want us to have our own house so its putting pressure on my self, I am also facing some challenges along the way at the moment which is so big for me but also excites me to see how far I have come as person.

feeling the pressurefeeling the pressureBeing in this situation I have always wanted to have children and still do but I thought I would be where I want to be by now unfortunately it is taking me a little bit longer and it is scary think about how time is going so fast and I would like to have children which was always my plan, I have also had problems with my hormones and monthly’s as I was on evra patch which is a form of contraception for about 2 years and in those 2 years on & off for months I was physically unwell feeling really sick and up some nights actually vomiting I genuinely thought it was my anxiety playing a part in this but it was only the patch which didn’t help my anxiety levels at all so I made a decision to come off the Evra Patch in March 2017 since then my monthly’s have not been right, so I am quite worried as I am not too sure what exactly is going on, I will not be going on anymore contraception as my body has not been right since taking evra, woman go through so much between having children and then the pressure of trying to have children and it doesn’t happen, so now that I am young I want to make sure everything is ok as for when I go to have children. I will keep you all updated.

This is just a little insight to my life and also to show everything is not all perfect maybe I don’t share enough of what I go through or even how I feel but I like to keep to myself quite a lot and sometimes afraid to share with everyone incase of negativity but thats ok too I guess as not everyone will agree or like what you have to say.

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx


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