Glenmalure Hike

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Glenmalure Hike

Hi Everyone,

I hope your Saturday night is going well! I am sitting at home relaxing this weekend so I thought why not write up a blog post on my hike which I had done last Saturday the 30th of July in Glenmalure, Co. Wickow.

My boyfriend Shane and I decided to go for a hike along the Lugnaquilla trail via Glenmalure valley just past the historic mine site. Now he did say it was not going to be long and that there were no hill’s, well how wrong was he ( lol ) I wouldnt be the fittest person out there but I do give it my best shot anyway it was a walk and a half ( lol ). It was all up hill from the start so I was taking my time as I had to stop every 10 minutes for a drink haha it was very warm out ( clamy )! Shane is used to hill walks and climbing as it is what he does in his spare time, he loves the outdoor’s, anyway there was this waterfall he wanted me to see so this is another reason I wanted to go as I do love waterfalls.


My two little dogs came on the journey also and they absolutely loved it as most of you know who are friends with me on my Snapchat I have two lil rascles who I love to bits Chance & Rex. So on this walk I found myself quite relaxed because of the sounds of nature does relax me and because I do suffer from anxiety this was good way to get back in the zone of been in the present moment with myself and my surroundings so I was not stuck in my head where I attend to be sometimes. It is really good to get out and about and go for walks so this was the perfect opportunity to get out and do something different, as we were walking the scenery and views I could see were amazing that I stopped a few times to embrace it and the lovely place Ireland really is.

Glenmalure Hike

So we finally made it up to the waterfall and Shane had taken some shots for his photography while I just enjoyed myself pretty much, I am one of those girls who will try something once even if I am afraid or fear it I always say to myself ( feel the fear & do it anyway ) anxiety comes out of the blue and with that you are constantly fearing the worst things possible that is what anxiety does and it can bring on physical symptoms aswell which can make seem worse than it really is, but with trying different techniques that work for you it will help and this hike was definitely one of them and it keeps you fit & active which is all about positivity, thats why I wanted to share this day with you and my experiences. I did wear my Adidas tracksuit bottoms and my Adidas superstars as it is one of my favourite tracksuits to wear and super comfy for a walk and cant forget my 2 litre bottle of River rock water on the way ( lol ).

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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