How I Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

How I Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

Lately I have been doubting myself when it comes to different area’s of my life, thinking the bad negative thoughts rolling around in my head like a whirl wind. I find myself on the straight and narrow one minute and everything is going so good and then the next minute it feels like everything is fallen down around me.

I recently have started a new college course in Fashion styling but I went straight into year 2 as there are two years in this course so most of the girls are still there from year 1 but when I had went for the interview the coordinator said I would be well able and because I have a fashion/beauty and lifestyle blog she already knew I had my wits about me proceeding with this course, so when I got accepted I was thrilled and excited to start. Prior to starting I was mainly focusing on my blog and started back at my YouTube Channel , I was kept busy day in and day out so in my spare time I was shooting looks for my blog, so then starting this course was a whole new level and challenge for me but I was ready and it incorporates my blog so well as I have a huge love for fashion.

How I turn a bad day into a godd day

How I turn a bad day into a good day

How I turn a bad day into a good day

Little did I know I was bombarded with assignments the first day as I started a little late into the course and I had certain deadlines to get them in by and projects to get started on so least to say I was overwhelmed by everything and my head felt what I like to say Fuzzy if that makes sense I didn’t know what was going on around me or what I was even to do but I got stuck into the work, once I adjusted I was ok and I knew what I had to do. Needless to say I thought this would be easy but its no walk in the park as they say, what you work hard for it pays off and it certainly does I always think of the end result as this is my career I am talking about.

How I turn a bad day into a good day

How I turn a bad day into a good day

I knew something had to change when it came to my lifestyle and to have more of a balanced life, so I have decided to put my YouTube channel on the long finger for now as I felt I was getting too stressed to have 2 videos up a week and try to work on my blog and do college work it all felt too much for me I knew I was doing too much as my body was not able by my anxiety was slowly creeping back along with depression and yes I have struggled but have came out the other end. I will do a YouTube video when I have the free time, for now but I will mainly be focusing on my course and blog for the time been.

How I turn a bad day into a good day

So when I feel like I am getting too stressed and know that something has to change, what do I do?!


Focus on everything good in my life, what I am grateful for, I have often wrote down a list of different things I am thankful and what makes me happy. When I get down about my career and I don’t feel good enough I just sit, think about what I do have in my life even the little things mean the most to me. When I reflect I know my family are good and healthy, I have a roof over my head, food and bed to sleep in and that is a lot compared to than the majority of the world. I am healthy and I really shouldn’t be taking it for granted by moaning and giving out but we are all human at the end of the day and have our own problem’s or worries going on they can be big or small it does not matter it is how we deal with them and all about finding perspective and some clarity to realize that your life is not as bad as what it may seem.


Hope you enjoyed this post

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  1. November 2, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    Nice post, sadly we always get down about not having enough time to do things or not having enough motivation or drive, it is a part of life. But I know that this college course is what you want to progress in life and that is all that matters for now. To me YouTube is overrated, just keep blogging and posting pics and network.

  2. Patricia Stelmach
    November 2, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Such a lovely post! Thank you for sharing… and, your outfit looks FAB!

    Patricia / Patricia Stelmach

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