How To De-Stress

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In my own opinion everyone has different ways to De-stress or even knowing when your stressed is another as so many people don’t know when they are, feelings of stress can be both positive and negative and happen in everyday life as its normal. What triggers stress? well for me it can be work, expectations I put on myself or even expectations from others, so when I feel stressed here are some symptoms which I would experience i.e feeling irritated, headaches, rapid heartbeat & sweating these can vary from time to time.

How to de stressHow To De Stress

Sometimes it can be your diet, if you have added anything to your food intake or if you have taken anything out can result in your body reacting differently which might cause you some stress, I would like to take a step back once I feel over whelmed, take a deep breath and try to recognise the problem. I will usually go out and do a workout if I am at home wearing only my compression workout clothing as I feel more comfortable and also when I use the outdoor gym I prefer to wear clothes that have breathable material as I can get quite warm very quickly, I kindly received some lovely workout gear from Skins gb to try out and I am really impressed by the quality and material if anyone is into fitness, running or cycling they have all types of clothing to suit you which in my own opinion well worth the money.

How To De stressHow To De Stress

Once I have finished my workout I will also do a bit of meditation and mindfulness which helps me so much on a daily basis I listen to a few apps which I find beneficial for easing the mind & helps you to relax, I will leave the apps down below for you which are completely free and would highly recommend. How do you De-Stress?

Mindfulness Apps ( Headspace,  Smiling Mind )


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