How To Manage Your Anxiety Whilst Traveling

How To Manage Your Anxiety Whilst Traveling

Some of you may know I have been away a few times in the last year & its my first year where I have been away since the last 6 years which is a big gap in between, but I had made a decision last year I wanted to travel more and I have been lucky enough to do that. I really do love it as I get to visit beautiful countries around the world. My last holiday was to Lanzarote which was lovely to go back to as I was there when I was 9 years old very long time ago I have managed to control my anxiety the last two holidays but this one was slightly different.

It was the night before the flight where I was doing all the final checks so I had my tan done that day which was lovely as I am quite fair so I like to have that bronzed glow if I am going away I feel so much more confident, I was afraid that my suitcase was over weight as I had no way to weigh it at the time & Im the one who always brings more than they should lol… anyway it was going through my head that it was over weight but Shane assured it me it was fine and not to panic so I let it slide for then passports were at the ready and I was starting to feel more relaxed before I went to bed. The day arrived we were getting the flight at 3pm so we had to leave around 12 noon to park in long term car park and get the bus down to the terminal but prior to all that I was doing a makeover for family as it was her debs so I was delighted to do it.

I was panicking a little as I kept thinking I was going to be late but everything was fine we left around 12.15 picked up Shane’s friend on the way & we got to the terminal ahead of schedule checked the bags in which mine was not over weight I might add and all that panicking the night before. I was starving so we all got some food before our flight I checked the gate time but it was not showing until 40mins before take off but when food arrived I felt anxious I couldn’t eat I just knew something wasn’t right so I checked the gate again once everyone was finished and time was up but literally we had to walk a good 15 minutes to the other terminal & when we arrived it said final call on our flight which we were one of the last to make it I even lost 2 books I purchased prior for the journey and then I couldn’t find passports so I freaked out emptied my whole bag onto the floor passports were at the end of my bag at the check in finally once were waiting to board we were the last to get on the plane I felt like everyone was staring at me, I couldn’t breath my chest started to close & my felt so sick & nauseous.

I sat down at our seats I never felt so claustrophobic and sick in a very long time as I did this time round basically everything happened all at once and I had a anxiety attack on the plane, in order for me to try and calm myself and take back my control I had my phone and put in my earphones in put on some Enigma which always relaxes me it distracts me from thinking distorted thoughts whilst on 4.5 hour flight it was supposed to be my holiday but in my mind it was torture and I was way out of my comfort zone all I wanted was to be at home away from everyone so you can imagine how anxiety can affects one’s life. I then read my mindfulness book which I already had with me ┬áit took a while to calm myself as I never had an anxiety that bad in a long time. I was just so confused with everything and so emotional to think this happened to me while I was on holiday.

How to manage anxiety whilst travellingTips:

To put everything into perspective if you suffer from anxiety make sure to be organised i.e no rushing to get to airport give yourself enough time, put yourself more at ease to check in and knowing your a bit early rather than late, have a look around shops, duty free take your mind off the flight distract yourself even by listening to some music anything you know that relaxes the mind.

Having all documents together i.e passports, boarding passes in a folder or in a compartment easier to get too so you know where they are and not stressing and you then feel organised which will stop the mind running over time & then lead to feeling stressed and panicky.

Feeling comfortable is a big part of travelling for me I have to travel in comfy clothing as you are sitting in a confined space for certain length of time you want to be able to move around and feel more relaxed on the flight.

Having distractions is key for flying I have learnt that from being on a plane more than 6 times this year I always learn from experiences of what to do and not to do but other holidays was just myself and Shane but my last holiday there was 4 of us so slightly different but having a book, a magazine, music, iPad anything you know that will help you along your flight time and helps block out from what is going on around you.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also very important, I will always have a bottle of water on hand whether I am travelling or not as it is the best thing to drink for your body and mind to stay hydrated and aware of what is happening on a daily basis, I notice if I am not hydrated I will feel sluggish and fatigue.

I wanted to explain fully before I gave you tips on how to manage your anxiety as I thought I had everything under control but comes to show I actually didn’t, I was travelling with 3 others so I was also thinking of them and that they were ok too, I ended up letting my anxiety creep in and take over. Dealing with busy airports is not fun for some with anxiety. I hope these tips help some of you who are in the same position. I may look like I have together but I most certainly don’t but I am here to share my experiences in hoping to help others.

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx


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