How To Turn A Negative Day Into Positive day

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Hi All, So from this post my aim to try and help those who feel like when you wake up your day just goes from bad to worse as if you came out of the wrong side of the bed. I think its safe to say we all have them days right?! But it is how we deal with them is what we are looking for, there are days where I just turn over and put my head under the duvet knowing as soon as I wake up its already a bad day.

how to turn a bad day into a positive dayI think about it for a few minutes and I count my lucky stars I am more fortunate than many others may be so that instantly change’s my perception of what I am currently thinking “this day couldn’t get any worse” we have all said this at one stage but the truth is it actually can if you let it, once you feel something small may have gone wrong everything else will as I have been there plenty of times but it is how I learn.

The one thing I do to change my negativity into a positive is meditate take a few minutes to yourself as you may not be thinkimg straight when you are having a bad day remember not only are your emotions running high but you feel overwhelmed, stressed and powerless, meditation always works for me & having some me time is good for you even if it’s for 10-20minutes. I use app’s such as Headspace and smiling mind I have mentioned these before but it only because I would highly recommend those app’s which are completely free also.

How to turn a negative day into a positive dayHaving a night to myself or evening depending on my schedule, light some candles I find candles quite therapeutic so I literally have them lit all over my house lol, watch my favourite movie or box set which at the moment I am addicted to Peaky Blinders nothing to with Cillian Murphy or anything :)! It is always good to lighten the mood no matter how bad things are or may seem. I sometimes write on my blog which is exactly what I am doing now as it is a distraction which is what we may need from time to time, last but not least run a nice hot bath with some epsom salts as it is brilliant to relax the muscles if your tense.

Another great idea would be to find your favourite things to do mine would be snuggling up on bed with my fluffy pj’s watching soaps and of course spending some quality time with Shane just really nice way to get me out of my own head & it might only be temporary fix but remember that we are all only human and it’s ok to have negative days where we cant even think straight but that gives us more reason to appreciate the good positive days.

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