Insanity Tan Review

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Insanity Tan review

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well, I have recently been given Insanity Tan as a gift to try out this blog post is not sponsored what so ever I just want to get that out first. Insanity Tan were really kind enough to send me out two of their tan’s to try out and their Insanity tanning mitt also, so I received the dark foam mousse and the ultra dark foam mousse. 

I have never tried out this brand of tan before so I was really excited to give it a go. I opted to try out the ultra dark tan first as I love a dark tan as most of use would know as I am always talking about tan’s over on my snapchat. I always exfoliate prior to tan as it gets rid of dead skin cell’s, and it makes the tan go on so easy and blendable. The night before my birthday party I applied the ultra dark tan with their mitt and it went on so well I applied the tan in circular motions as I find its the easiest way to apply without going patchy or streaky. The tan had an instant colour which gradually gets darker within 8 hours, I applied my tan in the evening and left it on overnight.

Insanity Tan Review

I had a shower the next morning and rinsed it off, I have to say I was delighted with how it turned out on me I was  lovely golden bronze colour just how I like it, the tan lasted perfectly for at least 5 days but I did moisturize after the second day as I do with all my tan’s as I feel sometimes my skin can feel quite dry in specific area’s such as my knee’s and elbow’s, after the 5th day it started to fade and I was skeptical on how it would fade as a good few tan’s I have tried faded quite patchy and hard to come off in the shower but the Insanity tan faded evenly and came off so well with just an exfoliate glove I use all the time, I do stock up on them as they are so handy plus only a few euro in Penney’s. I did apply a the tan with a different tan applicator and it went on quite well as I wanted to try it out to see if it would apply just as good with different tanning mitt’s and I think it did in my opinion. I also used the Insanity tan applicator with other Tanning products I have and to be honest it applied streaky and patchy so I definitely only recommenced using the mitt with their own brand of tan as they go together.

I then applied the dark foam mousse the following week using the same technique and it was a nice colour pay off but I felt I had to apply 2 layers to get the colour I wanted but with the ultra dark I only applied 1 layer and I loved it I didn’t need 2 layers at all so I do keep reaching for this tan quite a bit and has become one of my favourites. I wanted to use the tan’s a few times before I wrote a blog post on it as I wanted to give my honest opinion, The Insanity tan is also fragrance free, paraben free and alcohol free which is an added bonus.

If you are looking to find more about Insanity Tan I will leave their Links below.

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