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Hey lovelies, Hope you are all well and happy Wednesday half way through the week! I have finished up in the pharmacy I was working in the last while which I was sad to leave the girls as they were lovely but I am super excited to be starting my new adventure working within Inglot as one of their make up artist’s cant wait to get started on Monday so happy and thrilled for whats to come this year for me.

I have been wanting to write up a review of the James Read Tan Mist that Ive been using a lot the last 6 weeks, I never really heard much of James Read Tan until I came across it on Instagram so I went on to the website to have a look and just the initial packaging of the products I love makes the products look a lot more expensive than they are, personally I don’t think they are as they last just as long so you get your money’s worth.

I noticed they had the H2O gradual tanning mist which I was more inclined to try out as I wanted something for my face more so I didn’t want to clog the pores on my face I would have combination skin with enlarged pores around my t-zone so it’s important I would use something that wouldn’t clog the area making it look like I have bad black heads which often would be the case in other tan’s I have previously used. I ended up purchasing the Tan mist online on Meaghers Pharmacy  website they had this tan half price so keep an eye out as there does be special offers.

What attracted me the most to the gradual tan mist was the fact it is infused with witch hazel, rose water & aloe vera which is very good for the skin, it also acts as a base prior to your make up application or as a setting spray, it can also be used for general hydration for the face giving it a subtle glow too which is an added bonus. I also can control how deep I want the colour to go so each spray or application I applied the more deeper glow I would have. I would only use sparingly as I like to have more of a natural radiance glow but this tanning mist is the only one that has not clogged the pores on the face which is brilliant and I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for gradual tan mist for the face it is multi-functional product and comes with me everywhere. I will be looking forward to trying out more of James Read tanning products soon!

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx


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