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Hey Everyone Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely christmas and New Year celebrations that last year just flew by! So 2018 is here what are your goals and new year resolutions ?! I have a good few on my list so far, its nice to make goals for yourself to achieve it gives you motivation and greater outlook for the year ahead.

I decided to write up my first blog post of the year on my laser hair removal journey I have had done with Havana Skin Clinic in Dundrum which I am also Brand Ambassador. I was always hesitant about laser hair removal I didn’t think it would work for me as my hair is quite fair I thought it would only work on people with dark coarse hair when actually that is not the case at all. Caroline the owner & director for Havana had asked me in for a consultation back at the beginning of 2017 so almost a year ago now as I am beauty & fashion blogger they were contacting many bloggers for collaborations and I was one of them which I was delighted.

On the day of the consultation she had gone through my details which I had to fill out before hand for example medications, sunbeds, tanning etc… with laser hair removal you cant use any sun beds because of the UV it reacts to the laser hair removal and no tanning 2 weeks prior to appointment as the tan clogs pores which will also react and can cause the skin to burn & certain medications cannot be taken whilst having laser hair removal.

Caroline also had to do a patch test to make sure I was ok to proceed with the course of hair laser removal treatment as there are different machines for laser removal it really does depend on the person too as everyone is different, she also explained to me that it might take a little longer for me to notice the difference as the pigment in my hair is fair so after a few sessions I will notice but people with more dark coarse hair would notice after the first session.

I chose to have my full legs, bikini, underarms and naval done, so with the smaller areas treatment is done every 4 weeks and the legs are every 8 weeks as the hair cycle is different in both area’s, the hair grows in 3 stages so it depends on where the hair growth cycle is at for each treatment whether it’s legs or bikini as the laser can only kill the hair on the first stage of growth so when a few sessions of laser hair removal has been done you will start to notice the difference as the hair will not grow as frequent & more slower which is exactly what I had noticed.

I started off on my smaller area’s first and after 2 sessions I noticed a difference in my hair as I didn’t have to shave as much as I normally would and also they weren’t as noticeable either even tho I am fair I could still notice the hair, as time went I was into my 5 th session for the small area’s and I had atleast 70% reduction in hair growth which was great for me especially with blonde fair hair, in total its 6 sessions on each area altogether but you might need more depending on the growth cycle of your hair. I finished my full 6 treatments on the smaller area’s just before christmas as I was away on 3 sun holidays my treatment was re-scheduled because with laser hair you cannot have treatment 2 weeks prior to sun holiday & 2 weeks after so in total its 4 weeks which can be a bit of nightmare.

As of now that I have finished all the smaller area’s i.e bikini, underarm I only shave once a week if even as they are only soft vellus hair’s now & moving onto the legs I was getting the treatment every 8 weeks which is slightly longer I have one more session left which will be in February, I found I noticed the difference after 3 sessions as I wouldn’t shave as much  so the hairs took a little bit longer to reach each time but after 3 sessions when my hair grew back it more so grew it patches and a lot slower than usual this means it is 100% working as it should I would definitely have 80% reduction so far & Pain scale from 1-5 on the first few sessions it really all depends on the person again as everyone tolerates pain differently I found it to be a 2 which is not bad for the smaller area’s and the legs it felt quite enjoyable more like having a massage to be honest but that is my own personal opinion.

I am thrilled with the treatment overall I feel a lot more confident & on the plus side a lot less shaving time! I couldn’t recommend Havana Skin Clinic enough the girls are lovely and they do multiple of different treatments which are available in the 3 clinics Dundrum, IFSC & Swords.

If you would like to see any video’s on the treatments they provide you can do so here


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