L’Oreal Fibrology Air Review

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L'Oreal Fibrology Air Review

Hi Everyone! I have recently purchased the new L’Oreal Fibrology Air Range which I was dying to try as it is for fine, flat hair to give more volume & thicker looking hair. I purchased these products in Boots pharmacy for only half price which was great. I think most of you know I have blonde hair and it is so important to use good hair products as it maintains good condition and finish to the hair. I find sometimes that my hair is quite flat so after using the new L’Oreal Fibrology Air hair care range literally have changed my whole routine now and they are so affordable and really worth the purchase.

L'Oreal Fibrology Air Review

L’Oreal Fibrology Shampoo

I have always used the L’oreal Elvive hair care range for years particular I found a new love for the “Gold” Extraordinary Oil nourishing shampoo & conditioner, but since the L’Oreal Paris Fibrology Air range has been introduced into the pharmacies nationwide I could not wait to use as I was looking for a new range that would give my hair more volume and added thickness as I felt it was too flat, the shampoo is clear and quite thick like a gel consistency that cleans the hair and leaves it feeling fresh and the scent is also really nice. The product says that it can last up to 48hours anti-flat with a lightweight finish to the hair and it certainly has given me that overall added thickness & volume, this is my go to affordable pharmacy product that has fitted right into my hair care routine.

L’Oreal Fibrology Clear Conditioner

This is the first ever clear conditioner L’Oreal have brought out which I was super excited to try, I always like to use conditioner for the ends of my hair only as I find sometimes that some conditioners can be quite heavy on the hair but with this conditioner it is super lightweight and it is a crystal clear gel consistency feel like the shampoo which I love but I applied this conditioner from the roots straight to the ends and I have to say it worked great when I blow dryed my hair it felt super soft and loads of volume especially from the roots.

L'Oreal Fibrology Air Review

L'Oreal Fibrololgy Air Review

L’Oreal Fibrology Double Elixir Instant Thickening Mist

I also purchased the thickening mist from the fibrology range as it is adds instant thicker looking hair, extra shine and it’s lightweight leave in conditioning spray. If you find that your hair is quite knotty after washing this spray will work wonders as it detangles the hair just as well as adding thickness & shine which is now a big part of my hair care routine.

L'Oreal Fibrololgy Air Review

L’Oreal Fibrology Dry Shampoo

I adore this product so much as I have already re-purchased a second bottle, the dry shampoo is perfect for that instant root lift I would use this second day after I have washed my hair, I would spray it straight onto my roots to add volume & texture for that workable finish. Throughout my day I will touch it up again for a more volumising fresher look.

You can purchase these products at Boots Pharmacy just click Here

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