Lush Face Mask Review

Lush Face Mask Review

Hi Lovelies, I am back with a review on the Lush Dont Look At Me Face Mask I have been using this mask for about 6 weeks now and I would use it twice a week as many of us know our skin can change due to hormones or change in weather conditions. Everyone has different types of skin and conditions such as i.e problematic to sensitized skin. I have combination to normal but that may vary due to trying out different skin care range’s and some have caused my skin to dry out, feeling quite stiff and really irritated the last while so I started using the LUSH face mask in Don’t look at me.I purchased this mask on Grafton Street Dublin, I adore this mask as it brightened up my skin so much to be honest it was more like a miracle mask for me, I was a bit skeptical at first but because it is made up of natural ingredients I didn’t hesitate to purchase it I love most products with natural ingredients as they are much better for your skin rather than harsh chemical’s. The mask is made up of Kaolin, Water, Ground white rice, Fresh organic lemon juice, Rice milk, Grapefruit oil etc.

LUSH face mask review

So with these ingredients each one helps give your skin that vibrant complexion we all want and looking for, ground rice gently scribs away the dry skin, the organic lemon breaks down dead skin cell’s and tones the skin whilst the murumuru butter moisturizes so you are getting a lot of benefits from the mask.

Lush Face Mask Review

Another great thing about the mask is that its kept in the fridge so when you apply it to your face it is so smooth and it smell’s like citrus fruits. The colour of the mask is like a real vibrant aqua blue, I would apply with a mask brush as I find it applies better using the masking brush for a more even application, then leave it on for around 10-15 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water and facial sponges. The mask comes in all different types it all depends on your own skin and what works best for you, you can purchase online here or in store.

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