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Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday afternoon, I have a really busy weekend as many of you have seen from my Snapchat @aimeesbb if you would like to follow me over there I do be mostly active on that account, anyway for anyone who doesn’t know what I got up to I shall explain a bit about it.

MiMind Blogger Event

MiMind Blogger Event

MiMind Blogger Event

So on Friday the 9th of September I attended an event in the Opium Dublin for the #MiMind Blogger Event which was invite only but I got to bring a plus 1 which was good so I brought along my Partner Shane with me as he was interested to see what the event was about. The MiMind event was about Mental Health in Ireland to raise awareness through social media and bloggers. So the event started at 8pm but doors were open at 7pm and the first 200 bloggers to enter the venue received goodie bags which I received and they were really good as well very thoughtful gifts went into the good bags, the sponsors were Vita Coco , The Dotty Lemon, Petiteboutique,  TRND Beauty  they were among other great few sponsors.

We were given Prosecco on arrival which was a lovely and also a free voucher to purchase a drink for myself and plus 1, we found a seat at the back of the event where there was nibbles on each table and music as well there was expected 600 Bloggers to attend the event from around Ireland. There also was a selfie Mirror which of course I loved haha and also wanted to take home the mirror was so big and amazing, moving on at around 8pm the social event speaker Darragh Doyle came on to speak a little bit about the event and then we had about 6 speakers in total which shared their Mental Health stories on stage I found each and everyone of those stories so inspirational the story I could relate to the most was from one Incredible speaker Doug Leddin his story really brought a tear to my eye just reminded me of myself. They were all so brave to share their mental health stories and to know it’s ok not to be ok.

They shared the app’s they use for mental health which are good for breathing and mindfulness I will name a few here which you can download on ios iPhone for free, Headspace, Mindshift & Smiling mind even listening to YouTube helps a lot finding some mindfulness exercises or just calming music. The event finished at 11pm and we received our goodie bags then too overall I really enjoyed the night. I hope everyone got something out of the night so that they can help themselves if they are suffering we are not in this alone and it is so important to know that. I also made a vlogging YouTube on the #MiMind event which I will leave a link to below.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below x

Aimee xxx

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    Hi Aimee Great content
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    September 13, 2016 at 11:28 am
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      Thank you so much xx

      September 13, 2016 at 12:20 pm

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