Normal Is Boring

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normal is boring

normal is boring

normal is boringnormal is boring

Jumper,( here ), White Shirt, ( here ), Leather trousers & shoes ( ZARA last year )

Hi lovelies, Happy Monday hope your week is off to a good start! It’s a beautiful sunny day out so I decided I would write a blog post whilst soaking up the sunshine. The last couple of weeks have been very hard to shoot for my blog as it has been constantly raining on my days off I felt quite unmotivated so luckily last weekend wasn’t too bad weather wise even though I would of liked some sun who doesn’t, Shane & myself went out to bray and had some lunch then decided to shoot this look.

I like to change my style up a bit I don’t like to be ‘Normal’ as I find it can be boring I like quirky & to be able to differentiate myself from others when it comes to fashion styling, believe it or not I am so fussy when it comes to lighting, backround and the outfit itself but with this particular shoot it seemed to have fallen into place.

I like to be able to show my personality through my style of fashion as we all have different personalities & express ourselves differently. I get inspired by culture in my surroundings and I love to show different looks, trends in my creative styling. This outfit as you can wear this as a day to day casual or dress it up for night time style either, blush pinks are popular colours to wear coming into spring/summer season! Fashion is not all about what you buy, but it’s how you style it….

Lots Of Love,

Aimee xxx

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