Hello lovelies, a few weeks ago I got a full head of Platinum Hair Extensions which I was so excited to get you have no idea, I have wanted to get these extensions in for ages, Iv worn clip in hair extensions for so long I was getting tired of putting them in and out so when I won best dressed fashion blogger at the ITWBN Galway Fashion Trail I also won a voucher for a full head of Platinum Hair Extensions excited and thrilled was an understatement I couldn’t believe it.

I wanted to get them done before my trip away to Italy & Switzerland so I booked in the day before I was going away so it was perfect timing really, I had got them done in the Grafton Street Store as I know they recently opened up another store in Galway the lovely girl Jessica applied the full head of blonde platinum hair extensions which colour matched really well, you would never know that I have extensions in which is what I love about having them in. My hair is so thick that a full head was definitely needed and they were 22 inch in length, they had just cut a little bit off the length and layered them into my own hair, Platinum also use luxury italian hair which comes in 27 shades  and are all 22 inch in length.

Platinum hair extensions

The bonds of the hair extensions are enriched with Keratin to keep hair extensions from damaging your own hair which is what I love about these, the whole application process took just over 2 hours which I didn’t mind about as I love getting my hair done I could of sat there all day lol but the girls were amazing and made me feel so welcome. When the application was finished with the cut and style overall I felt like a new person with my new lushious locks, they also gave me purple tone shampoo and the loop brush for the extensions so that the hair extensions dont get tangled or damaged and the shampoo is so good it keeps the brassy tones away and it does not damage my extensions as the shampoo is the proper product to use which I purchased along with the loop brush.

I have been wearing them a month now and I have to say they are brilliant I dont even feel the bonds in my hair and they have maintained their condition so well, I would only wash my hair once or twice a week as I like to keep the natural oils in my hair overwashing your hair can strip out all the natural oils which provide nourishment I learned that from over washing a few years back and now my hair is much healthier condition. I have not even lost one bond, I would highly recommend Platinum Hair Extensions they are high quality and last up to 5 months with proper care.

Find out more about Platinum Hair Extensions Here

Aimee xxx


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