Spotlight teeth whitening

Hi Everyone, many of you may of seen I have been sharing some snaps on my Snapchat (@aimeesbb) about the Spotlight Teeth Whitening strips, I have been using them for a quite a while now this is my second box of them as they will help maintain the teeth so I will be using the strips sparingly. I wanted to try and test them out before giving you my honest review so completing my 14 day teeth whitening with wearing them for 1 hour per day and now on my second box, I can honestly say my teeth have came up so well and love the product. I brush my teeth everyday whilst using corsodyl for oral hygiene & aid to prevent the build up of plaque on my teeth.

I generally look after my teeth on a daily basis so I think that is another practical reason why the teeth whitening worked well for me, to be honest I don’t smoke,drink coffee and alcohol I would have maybe one or two in a blue moon as I don’t really drink & I do know these can stain your teeth quite bad over time so if you are a coffee drinker or heavy smoker over the years it might be slightly harder to whiten the teeth with the strips I would recommend check with your own dentist first prior to treatment but if you are like me and take good care of your teeth on a daily basis you should have no problem with the Spotlight Teeth Whitening as it is 100% safe, created by two sister’s who are dentist’s that live in the west of Ireland which I was really impressed with the strips will not cause damage to your own natural teeth, I generally do not suffer with sensitivity on my teeth so they were perfect.

The Spotlight Teeth Whitening strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide which is so effective, as I have said previously my teeth weren’t really discolored but within 5 days of using the whitening strips there was a noticeable difference in my teeth which I was really pleased with also the strips were comfortable to wear with no discomfort, they are €39.95 for a box which is inexpensive and can be purchased in most pharmacies nationwide, you can also purchase them here.

Lots of Love,

Aimee xxx


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