Staying Motivated For Autumn

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staying motivated

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday, Its a wet & miserable day out there but it is Autumn now so we are coming into these colder months. Today’s blog post is about staying motivated for autumn I know going to the gym or doing exercise in these months can be hard and you will find it is not the easiest thing to do staying motivated, so I have come up with a few tips for you on how to do so.

Remain Positive

Most of us know that doing some exercise whether its being part of a gym or as a hobby its a good form of positivity, not many people get it or even want to do exercise and that is fine. If you want to live a healthier and happy lifestyle I believe it is key to live an active one, maybe walking in the evening or even fill your day with exciting activities.

staying motivated

Learn some home exercises

Not everyone will have time to go to the gym everyday, and if it’s a rainy horrible day like today you might find yourself not been able to get motivated so another way of doing some exercise is at home. You might feel you want to strengthen more specific areas whether its your legs, arms or stomach you can do a workout for 20/30mins and if you having trouble with what exercises to do look up YouTube as it has great workout video’s for home.

staying motivated

staying motivated

Switch things up

Another great way to stay motivated is to switch things up instead of working out in the gym, get up a little bit earlier in the morning and go for a power walk or even running which ever you prefer, I love to power walk as I can listen to some music whilst I am exercising.


staying motivated

A workout is better than no workout

If you feel like you are falling off the wagon when it comes to your weekly exercises, don’t be too hard on yourself as it happens to the best of us at times, find half hour in the morning or the evening do a small workout as it will make you feel so much better afterwards, when I do half hour workout I feel so much better afterwards, I have more energy and I am a lot happier in general.

staying active


Staying hydrated

It is so important to staying well hydrated while working out as it enables you to function properly and to do your working out safely as well. Eating fruits or even diluted drinks gives more flavor with added water content that could be another way to stay hydrated if you are not a fan of water.

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