Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Hi Lovelies, I recently took a trip to Italy & Switzerland with my partner Shane it was my first trip away in a long time and also my first proper holiday with my boyfriend which to me is stepping out of my comfort zone, I was so excited but yet so nervous all at the one time is that possible? having all those mixture of feelings in one go maybe so but I have never flown away before with my Partner so I think that is where I was getting those nervous anxious feelings from. I am a home bird and I love my 2 doggies chance and rex, I have never left them for so long before either as I am so attached to them, anyway I was away for 5 days its a short time but yet long lol.

stepping outside my comfort zoneWe flew into Bergamo Italy with Ryanair  and it was a pleasant flight on the way over considering I never slept at all as our flight was at 6.30am so I was very tired the views going over Switzerland were absolutely stunning and breathtaking we landed in Bergamo then we rented a car for the few days that we were away a little Peugeot 208 I was the designated driver as I have a full license and have that more experience in driving as everything over in Italy was the opposite to Ireland so the car was left hand drive and the roads were all the opposite.

Duomo MilanWe drove straight to Milan where we were staying I was so excited to see it as it is the main fashion district of Italy all high end brands and beautiful architectural buildings, the place was stunning I traveled on the metro too which was underground to get into Milan Central as our hotel was just outside Milan itself. We had some lovely food there but the only thing I noticed was there were no Irish Pubs or late Bars there to have a drink it was mainly restaurants we had seen and been to.


stepping outside my comfort zone I was a little bit disappointed in the weather over there as I didn’t really get to see what Italy or Switzerland had to offer scenic views, we even drove through the alps of Switzerland and unfortunately the weather was very bad there too but I seen some of the alps just not the peaks but I shall go back to Switzerland soon. It was quite cold so I made sure to pack warm clothes throughout our trip most of my clothes were from high street brands i.e New Look, Zara, River Island and Penneys.

Stepping outside my comfort zone

stepping outside my comfort zone I brought more than I should of really as I could not wear all my clothes due to bad weather conditions and wasn’t practical, overall the trip was good and to spend it with Shane was even better as we got on so well and I didn’t kill him lol joke but we are like two pea’s in a pod really, he knew me going away I would be taking out of comfort zone as I said earlier I am a home bird and with the anxiety I thought it might of triggered it off but it just comes to show how strong I am as person and I can really overcome anything, I was thinking the worst outcome prior to the holiday I was so afraid of my anxiety returning and the what if’s but I changed the thoughts in my head needless to say it wasn’t easy, I cant wait to go away again at least I can tick Milan & Lugano off my bucket list. Where to next??

Aimee xxx



  1. November 28, 2016 / 2:00 pm

    A nice read and nice photographs. It was a great time away and weather and pubs aside it was fun. And yes we can tick off Milan and Bergamo and roll onto Zermatt in 2017. x

  2. sharon
    November 28, 2016 / 7:24 pm

    excellent post very honest… and i would say we all have had times like this

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