Three Ways To De-Stress And Have Some Downtime

Three Ways To De-Stress And Have Some Downtime

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well, this blog post will be quite beneficial for most of us and maybe relate to. I think some of us would find it hard putting down are phones constantly on social media it is quite addictive and on laptop’s or a Pc doing something that would include technology so I have three ways to help you unwind and DE-stress.

It is important for us to take time out from the world and allow our brains to switch off once and a while, I am always on my phone and I do try to have some down time and to realize that the world will not end and it will keep turning even if I am not attached to my phone. Taking time out helps you to relax and will rejuvenate you towards more energy and motivation for the next day.


The first technique I have come with is guided mediation and mindfulness as I find it works well for me, if you take 20 minutes a day if you can or whatever amount of time you may feel like and listen to some mindfulness and it will allow you to totally relax and switch off and bring you into the now ( present moment )! here is 2 app’s which are totally free to download and I use these myself, the first one is Mindshift and the other app is called Headspace, I find these beneficial & when I am finished I do notice a difference in my energy and positivity increasing. It is so helpful and such an easy way to start calming the body after a long day.

Three ways to unwind

Three ways to unwind

three ways to unwind


What I like to do to De-stress is put away my phone, turn off the TV if it is on and sit down on my bed, spray my pillows and cushions that are on my bed with pillow spray it basically has a natural lavender and chamomile scent to it so helps you to completely relax, I also use this going to bed as it is a deep sleep pillow spray but I use it to De-stress also, you can purchase the spray here .  Then I will take a book that I am currently reading which is Fairy Tales by Joanne Larby also known as ( The Makeup Fairy ) she is a beauty blogger which I have been following & she really is an inspiration! You could even read a magazine to catch up the latest celebrity gossip or get some inspiration and new ideas just be creative. I also just like to relax by sticking my earphones in and listening to some chill out music on Spotify & Soundcloud my favorite music I love listening to is Enigma for when I want to De-stress.

to de stress

Three ways to unwind

three ways to de stress


The perfect thing to do is to absolutely do nothing and sit down on the couch with a blanket and nice hot cup of tea or coffee whichever you prefer and put your feet up switch on the TV & watch your favorite movies or catch up on the latest reality TV shows you have been watching lately that distracts you from reality and takes your mind onto something more entertaining. I love doing this in the evenings when Shane gets home from work and we watch TV especially catching up on my programs & then I would go on to YouTube on my iPhone and watch my favorite YouTuber’s that I have subscribed to.


Three ways to unwind

Hope You Enjoyed This Post x

Aimee xxx

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