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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well ! So a lot of you are asking about tips for Blogging so I decided to write up a blog post on a few tips for you guys that might find useful. Many of you know I started vlogging in January 2016 but I actually never had my own website, I do love to write & talk about all beauty related things whether its makeup, tan , skincare I love it all, I decided to set up my own blog and basically start my own career in Blogging because I love it so much! Anyway here are some of my own tips from my personal experience.



Ok so I cant tell how important written content is the key part to setting up your own blog. There are many people out there who are good at different things in life , writing your blog is actually quite amusing and keeps the mind active, you get to come up with so many great ideas and different content for your blog, be different, be unique and be consistent!

Be original

Some people may say its easy, but I find myself sometimes it can be pressurizing to have your blog a certain way or style in this Blogging world we are in, but I have realized that it is your own work, your blog so be original take your own photography ( Photos ), stay up to date an latest trends, the more hard work you put into your own blog the more you will benefit from it. Take inspiration from fellow Bloggers you can relate to because as we all know there so many different type of bloggers around so its good to follow other beauty bloggers/vloggers and interact.

Give it time

Blogging is something you love, giving advice, helping others, inspire other people. I say plan to invest in your blogging for a while before you see anything in return, the reason I say this is because the Internet is so big and you may not be noticed right away so keep up the content and constantly learn new idea’s how make your blog more interesting and different from others,invest in your blog it really will be worth it in the long run and you will achieve what you desire. Key to this is Visualization!

Aimee xxx




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