Why Good Quality Earphones Are A Must

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vasa bla

Hellooo from a rainy Wicklow today, as I sit here staring out the window looking at the rain & listening to some enigma with my new Vasa Bla Earphones  I wanted to share with you why I have good quality earphones compared to any ordinary pair you can pick up for less money. The Vasa Bla Earphones are now my second pair as Shane loves them so much he uses mine all the time so I decided to get another pair for himself rather than using mine all the time lol.

vasa bla vasa blaVasa Bla come in a variety different colours which is really good as you have a choice, they also have bluetooth which not many earphones do so you can connect to your smartphone or iphone without using a wire, another great feature is that you have different size ear cuffs to suit your needs and also the style and detailing of the earphones itself are so unique. The battery life is up to 8 hours which is incredible and that is after full charge too which takes about 2 hours max and if you are looking for quick charge I normally leave them for about 10-20minutes.

vasa bla

vasa blaEach set of Vasa Bla Earphones comes with gold detailing, owner’s manual, 4 different pairs of extra ear cuffs, leather carry case, metal clip, battery & charging cable. The sound quality of these earphones are unreal compared to any other headphones I have used in the past I definitely would recommend¬†Sudio to anyone if you listen to a lot of music or on the go all the time they can be quite expensive but are well worth the money as they will last you plus you can get a discount of 15% off any pair of earphones with my discount code which I will leave at the end of the post for anyone that would like to avail of this amazing offer.

*Discount Code– AIMEEMARIE 15% off any pair of Sudio Earphones…

Lots Of Love

Aimee xxx


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