Why My Hair Feels & Looks Healthier

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Hey Beauties, Today its all about why my hair is feeling so much more healthier and thicker! I have already spoke about it a few times over on my snapchat over the last while (aimeesbb), Well its all because I have been using Mane n Tail deep moisturising shampoo & conditioner over a few weeks to see what I really thought of it as I would only wash my hair once or twice a week to keep my natural oils in my own hair as you don’t want to strip your hair from its oils. I was asked into Dylan Bradshaw hair salon on South William St, Dublin a couple of weeks back by  Dowal Walker Agency to try out their new range of the Mane N Tail Pony Club and they kindly gave me some of their products to try.

why my hair feels healthierwhy my hair feels healthierThe reason why I have been using the deep moisturising shampoo & conditioner is because I would consider my hair to be dehydrated & dry so it needs a lot of hydration and also to restore moisture, what I noticed about the shampoo is that you have to wash your hair twice to get good results so the first shampoo you get rid of all bad oils from the hair and second shampoo is what gives the nutrients it needs and the shine. The deep moisturising shampoo provides the hair with vitamin E and vitamin B5 which is essential to lock and restore moisture & naturally replenishes, after the 3rd week I started to notice a difference from brushing to styling as it felt more easier to brush and the shine after I blow dried and styled my hair which normally I would not have just looks and feels stronger, with me being blonde its important that my hair is strong & in good health.

why my hair feels healthierWhy my hair feels healthierThe conditioner then I only apply from the mid length to the ends as I don’t use on my roots due to I feel my hair would get oily quicker than just using on the ends, it feels so silky after using the conditioner I would leave it in for about 5 mins though as I want it to really work in my hair with the natural proteins & vitamins to strengthen and nourish. When I have rinsed fully I would then go in with the detangler to spritz over my hair for added moisture & hydration which will also help to brush through a lot more easier definitely my go to product.



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