Hi Lovelies!! Happy Sunday… So Id say a lot of you are dying to get back into work and routine after Storm Emma battered the country for the last few days, safe to say I have literally done nothing only eat, eat and more eating oh & watched Netflix majority of the time!

I decided to add another little category to my website on Homeware as I love it! So between candles, diffusers, bedding I will be posting up what I currently have or really like. I have so many candles and diffusers I am obsessed with and I do share them on my Snapchat @aimeesbb for any of you who don’t already follow me on there, but I wanted to share it with everyone as not everybody is on Snapchat.

My first homeware post is about Tipperary crystal candle which I got as a gift! I have heard of the name before but never bought anything from them so when I received the gift of the Wild Berries candle I couldn’t wait to light it. The packaging is so beautiful well presented so looks quite expensive & luxury. I only lit the candle the other day just to see what the smell was like as I am quite particular about some fragrance’s of candles same as perfumes and diffusers has to be a certain scent, frangrance… I sound awkward I know but it is always quality over quantity I firmly believe you get what you pay for.

“Quality Over Quantity”

After the first few minutes of lighting the candle you can get the scent of berries which is exactly what is supposed to be but not only just that I can also get the smell of lavender & orchid mixed in as it is quite a strong scent which is not what I was initially expecting from the name as berries would have more of a sweet fragrance than strong so it so important you know what you like in saying that I think it is nice as I can get the scent all around the upstair’s of my house which I like and it is also burning quite well too.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Tipperary Crystal candle take a look at the different scents and see which one catches your eye and which fragrance you might like maybe its aromatherapy or luxury they are both quite different.

Love Aimee Marie x

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